Riverside Sand & Gravel

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Crushed Rock (1.25 tons per yard)
  5/8" minus gravel
  5/8" chips
  1-1/4" minus
  1-1/2" crushed washed drain rock
  2" minus
  2" chips
  4" minus
  4"x2" or 8"x4" rock

Washed Rock (1.4 tons per yard)
  3/8" pea gravel
  7/8" drain rock
  1-1/2" round drain rock
  2-8" cobbles (river rock)


  Fill Sand (coarse)
  Washed Sand (fine, builders sand)

Specialty Gravels
  Cement mix (sand, pea gravel and
      3/4" drain rock)
  1/4" stone sand (base for pavers and
      slate, compacts evenly); 1/4" minus

  Pit run


Rockery Rock
  1/2 man rock
  1 man rock
  2 man rock
  3 & 4 man rock


Recycled Products
  1" minus recycled asphalt
  2" minus recycled concrete
  6" minus recycled concrete


Landscape Products
  1/2 man to 4 man round boulders
  Native fill dirt
  Screened dirt
  3-way topsoil (sand, dirt and compost)
  Cedar bark (medium douglas fir red bark)

Dump Fees
  Import accepted
  Dirt dump fee (no organics allowed)
  Asphalt or concrete dump
  Vac dump for clean excavation and drillers
  storm water dump

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