Riverside Sand & Gravel

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1.25 tons = 1 cubic yard (cy)

1 yard will cover approximately 10' x 15' x 2"

Which is the best product for a driveway?
  5/8" minus is most commonly used for a driveway as it compacts nicely.


How much gravel will fit in my full-sized pickup?
  1/2 ton truck will carry 1 cy
  3/4 ton truck will carry 1.5 cy
  1 ton truck will carry 2 cy


How much does a half man rock weigh?
  Approximately 50-75 lbs.

Can I haul my own gravel or sand?
  Yes.  We have no minimum purchase requirements.

How much does a solo dump truck carry?
  Approximately 15 tons (12 cy)


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